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2000 Ford F350 Review, S Ericsson, From Vancouver, B.

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Ford F350 1 Ton Crew Cab

 Model of the car:Ford F350 1 Ton Crew Cab
 General comments:Purchased this vehicle for towing an aluminum 4 horse trailer. Has absolutely no power and have had the turbo charger replaced under warranty twice in the last 8 months. Also has an unexplained clunk in the body going over little bumps that no one can fix. Have to make a trip over the mountains again next week and know we'll be passed by every little beater on the road. Do not feel safe hauling racehorses in this vehicle. As soon as the lease is up, this piece of crap will be history. When we replaced the second turbo charger last week, this dealership has no record of the other one being replaced (by another dealership) which would have had to be authorized by the warranty department. Makes me wonder if they are trying to hide something on this vehicle's history.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Total lack of power leaves me with no confidence in this vehicle. The setup in the front compartment with the ashtray having no light and the cup container being above it could easily cause an accident for a smoker.
 Previous car:GMC 1 ton, Dodge Ram - the GMC outperformed this truck hands down.

Review 2000 Ford F350 S Ericsson, From Vancouver, B.
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